90 Day Healthy Choices Meal Plan (Vegan Version)


Fitness is only part of living a healthy lifestyle, because the truth is a strong and healthy body begins in the kitchen. It is time to learn the foundation of a healthy clean eating habit with simple recipes, a guide full of nutrition tips and a easy to follow 90 day, everything is done for you meal plan.

Whats included:

  • A easy to follow daily menu for 3 months (90 days)
  • Easy to make, healthy recipes with a grocery list.
  • If you don’t like recipes in guide you are also provided with additional recipes to substitute into meal plan
  • You can follow the meal plans as it’s written, or use the included blank weekly meal planner and create your own meal plan and enjoy some of the recipes offered in the plan.
  • Yvette’s eating clean guide: learn how to eat healthy on your own with this handy guide where she shows you how.

With this program you will have everything you need to easily set yourself up for a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE that will last, with strategies Yvette uses herself, to stay fit and healthy.

This is a digital download as soon as you purchase you will you will receive a email with PDFs.


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