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Are you confused about how many calories or carbs you should be eating? Have you been losing and regaining the same weight for a long time now? Maybe its getting harder and harder to lose weight and you can’t figure out why?

Diets that promise quick fixes never work in the long run because your metabolism will adjust in a negative way causing you to possibly regain weight and make losing weight the next time even harder! To lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way you will need to change your lifestyle. So forget fasting, cleanses, pills and all the other quick fixes out there. It is time to focus on real food for sustainable long term changes! YSF has partnered up with Diet Master Pro to ensure our meal plans are coming from REAL registered dietitians. Rest assured we will find what works for you be it vegan, weight loss, healthy aging, high cholesterol or pre/post pregnancy.

Not Another Cookie Cutter Diet Program

The food you eat is important, but mastering your diet is really about everything else.  Your mindset, planning, preparing, and most importantly your habits.That is where a Yvette Salva Fitness nutrition coach can help and with our plans you will not just get a automated cookie cutter diet system, you will always work with a real person and your coach will be there for you every step of the way. Based on the plan you choose your coach will customize a meal plan specific to your age, goals, activity level, and body type, and will help keep you accountable to make sure you follow through. We are here to guide you though the ups and down and help you establish new habits that will lead to long term success.

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This plan is customized to your specific macronutrient needs and includes a one week meal plan plus a grocery list. This is perfect for the person who has no problem following through and is just looking for a jump start.

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This plan includes a customized meal plan and grocery list. In addition you will receive one on one coaching to keep you motivated and on track. You will receive a meal plan so theres plenty of variety without any complicated planning. This plan is perfect for someone who wants to jump start their weigh loss and require personalized accountability to stay on track. The accountability check ins are done via email and you are provided with unlimited email support.

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This plan includes everything the other two offer, but takes things one step further with one on one remote coaching for 8 weeks. You will have a biweekly scheduled call or video conference to go over your personal diet challenges, habits, plateaus and lifestyle changes. You will also have weekly email check ins. This is perfect for someone who is in need of ongoing accountability and motivation. This program also includes at least one text a day from Yvette which will include a motivation quote or check in to see how your doing.

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What Client’s Are Saying…

Many health coaches have no idea what it feels like to struggle with food obsessions and weight issues because they have never experienced it themselves. Yvette not only understands it, she coaches clients from a place of true empathy. I don’t know about you, but as a former sugar addict and food addict myself, I would rather have a health coach who has been there, understands it, and has overcome it.  Jenn
There is no dieting or exercise program that will get on the phone with you, help map out your week, teach you that there is time for your health, and help you prove to yourself that you can do this no matter all the bs excuses you’ve come up with in the past. Yvette has taught me that anyone can become the version of themselves they aspire to be through simple routine that, compounding over time, creates wide sweeping change. Yvette , you’ve changed my life and I so appreciate you. Joanna 

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