Bootcamp’s will be on Sundays 

8:15 am Class and a 9:15 am Class

It will be ​​
$20 payment at studio and I have 15 slots available.

To sign up for boot camp click here. If you have specific questions call or text me at 732-331-5859.

Please arrive early to set up and claim your real estate. 


What is Yvette’s Bootcamp?

My  workout consists of strength and cardio intervals. This workout out is one hour and is super effective at blasting fat while building strength and endurance. You will come out of this class revived, happy and feeling strong.

Is this class like a military bootcamp?

Nope! My Bootcamp is anything but military in attitude. In fact, I will keep you motivated and having fun …. Be ready though .. I tend to crack some terrible jokes, sing horribly… and well I  think I  can dance.. but um yeah NO! But tell me I am a great dancer or we will be doing pushups all day long.. he he. I try and bring  in great vibes to the class… its all good energy and its all about pushing outside  of your PERSONAL comfort zone. trust me I will have you laughing and sweating!!!

Will I be okay if I’m not super strong?

Don’t worry! I welcome beginners and have a lot of them. The key is this if you got your ass up out of bed on a Sunday morning… DO THAT .. and you  are already a winner. So don’t worry.. just come and we will modify where need be. To make the most of your first class, I recommend arriving 15 minutes so I can introduce myself and explain the workout. My classes are created for individuals to challenge themselves with cardio and with weights — you can set your own level of speed and choose the heaviness of your weights, depending on your experience.

What if I can’t jump?

No worries… there will be modifications for every exercise.  If you prefer to not jump go for the low impact version… who cares .. as long as you are safe and you are moving .. you are crushing it!!!! And don’t be surprised if I do the low impact version with you.. I work at my level too… some days I might be nursing and injury and taking it easy on the knees too. Its all about listening to YOUR body.

What If I am only doing the class once a week will that be enough?

Well its a start but I recommend three to five workouts per week as an optimal number, with three per week being the bare minimum, if you’re committed to seeing a real change in your body and your energy levels you must be training at least 3.. but remember you can’t go  from zero to a hundred overnight… Start with one.. thats a start and take it from there.

How long will it take to see results?

My committed clients see results fast. If you are training 3-5 times a week, you should start to see & feel a change in your body in 2 weeks. Your loved ones will probably see a difference in 5 weeks, and your friends  will probably notice in 2-3 months. But you will notice a psychological change almost immediately. You’ll feel better about yourself and you’ll be more motivated to work out. The key to seeing results is also your diet .. and if you have questions about that just let me know and I will help you out.

Can I really burn 1000 calories?

Independent observers… ummm my clients who are obsessed with data and fit bits have verified to me that they can burn 1,000 calories in an hour.  This may vary but I have seen clients burn from 700 to 1,300 calories, depending on their body weight and effort level. Everyone is different and results may vary, but at bootcamp it’s not just about what you burn in class, but also how our methodology promotes calorie burn after class.

Will weight training really help me lose weight and get fit?

Yes. All day long. and it is the fountain of Youth.. so forget hair nails botox and every other thing out there… want to look young?? lift weights! At this class I will combine weight training and cardio to keep the heart-rate elevated with intense bursts throughout the workout. When it comes to weights, it will be continuous high-repetition lifting with medium to heavy weights, depending on the exercise. This means you’ll burn more calories and increase your lean body mass, which in turn will raise your resting metabolism by up to 15 percent; so, you’re burning calories even after you leave. Translation: you’ll lose fat and keep it off. It’s what we call the “after burn.” When you build a foundation of firm muscle, the metabolic boost melts away the fat on top and since muscle takes up less space than fat, you’re left with a leaner, slimmer, firmer, and sexier physique.

What should I bring?

A water bottle and a towel.. also gloves if you have them.

What time should I get there?
I would say 8 am. This way you get your prime real estate and you know will be there to learn the recipe for the class.

What can I expect in the class?

Ten exercises of strength with weights. I will be using a timer so you go at your own pace. Followed by a body weight cardio blast Tabata style. Three circuits …  60 mins. First round I will do basic.. second round I will make harder.. third round is balls to the wall… If you need to modify you will know how because we already did it in the first round. #BOOM Um and yeah I don’t know what hashtag actually means but I use it anyway.. so get used to it.. hehe:)

What If class is sold out?

If there is enough interest I will have another class… Right now I just have to start and take it from there. Its been a long time .. I will see how it goes and take it from there. If I have 5 on a waiting list.. boom.. I add 9:15 am easy breezy. FIRST CLASS WILL BE TEN  SLOTS

Who will be the instructor?

Me and If I am not available or something comes up.. I will have one of my amazing trainers cover.

How do I pay?

20 bucks cash at the door

How do I sign up for the following class?

You can do so at your first class you attend or send me a text732-331-5859 Actually send me a text to say hi.. I would love that 😉

How long is this.. Just 4 weeks?

Not sure, right now its on a trial basis .. but if i get enough interest I will bang in out until the summer. Lets just see how it goes.